Using IPSA Online


IPSA Online proficiency starts here. From getting started and organising your tasks to accessing your favourites, troubleshooting and using the app.

Before you start, read About IPSA Online.

Using IPSA Online


IPSA Online is IPSA’s online payroll and finance system.

IPSA Online is a paperless system designed to enable MPs and staff to process claims and paperwork within a single platform.

There is a range of support available including task instructions, in-system guides and regular training.

Features of the system include:

  • a paperless process to enable claims and forms to be submitted quickly and securely

  • budget reporting to view current expenditure on office costs and staffing

  • mobile app to enable claims to be started outside of the office

  • optional HR features to log annual leave, sickness and other absences

Getting access to IPSA Online

IPSA Online can be accessed through the IPSA icon on your parliamentary network account. If you work in an MP’s office but do not have a Parliamentary network account, IPSA can give you direct access to the IPSA Online homepage.

Email to request access.

The ABC of IPSA Online is a guide to troubleshooting any issues you experience when using IPSA Online.

The ABC of IPSA Online covers:

  • Access issues

  • Browser Issues and

  • Clearing your cache

Certain IPSA tasks should be completed weekly, monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly and annually.

Below is a checklist to help you know when things must be done.

Download the printable version.

Weekly – whichever day is best for you

  • Log in to IPSA Online and Check your task manager for any issues which need your attention

  • Make new claims as soon as possible after the cost is incurred

  • Look out for the IPSA Bulletin on Thursdays for lots of useful information and updates to our services – IPSA Bulletins

  • Check if the MP owes IPSA any money and repay it or query it if necessary – Monies owed (item 7)

  • Collate mileage and make regular claims to ensure prompt payment – Claiming mileage

  • Resolve any returned claims in the task manager to prevent any payment delays – Correcting Claims

  • Check and file invoices and receipts to ensure they meet requirements in preparation for making claims – Evidence Requirements

  • Address email alerts from IPSA Online that need your attention


  • Submit your timesheet, for the relevant week ending

Monthly – Key dates are the 8th and 15th of the month

  • Reconcile payment card expenditure as soon as it is uploaded at the beginning of the month and the latest by the 8th of the month.

  • Check uploaded direct supplier costs and tell us about any issues – MPD Direct Payments by MP

  • Check your budget / spend position and plan accordingly – Managing Budgets

  • Tell us about any changes to your properties, so we pay your landlord correctly – Managing your properties

  • Contact your Account Manager to resolve any outstanding issues – Contact IPSA

  • Credit notes, check that you have no outstanding credit notes – Credit Notes

  • Review any claims in draft and either submit or contact IPSA to delete as necessary

  • Check your dashboard for any outstanding payment card lines, debt or property issues – Using the IPSA Dashboard


  • Tell us about any payroll changes by the 15th of the month Payroll cut-off date

  • Run a staff budget report (at the end of the month), to check the data shown and ensure that no overspend is forecast – Payroll Modelling Report

  • Review the Covid staffing budget and notify payroll of any movement (check the Payroll Modelling Report above)

  • Check your payslip and report any issues to payroll

Bi-Monthly/Quarterly April, Sept, Dec and March

  • Check the data we hold is correct, including your budgets, home address, registered properties, rent and deposit loans, staff members, connected parties and dependants.

  • If relevant, check you are set up with your pooled service correctly, and we are paying the right fees – Managing Pooled Services

  • Check your bi-monthly publication data, go to the Publication Timetable

  • Run the MP Team report to ensure that office staff details are correct (MP only) – MP Team Report


Yearly – April to March

  • April – Calendar any lease end dates and arrange for any renewals or cancellations as necessary

  • April – Check new financial year budgets amounts and forecast budgets taking into account commitments

  • March/April - Complete a year-end form to tell us about any costs which need to be marked as accruals or prepayments

  • April – Check the data we hold is correct, including your budgets, home address, registered properties, rent and deposit loans, staff members, connected parties and dependants.

  • September – check your annual publication data and let us know if there are any issues – Annual Publication

  • January – Read IPSA’s year-end guidance and make a note of the deadlines – Year-end Guidance

  • March – Check yearly changes to the Scheme and update the office – Scheme Changes

  • March – Check MP security measures are still valid Security measures

We have produced a series of webinars that provides an introduction to navigating IPSA Online and support your understanding of how to use the system:

This webinar outlines how to make and manage reimbursement claims using IPSA Online.

Watch the Managing reimbursement claims in IPSA Online webinar.

This IPSA Online webinar outlines how to set up a new proxy, and how to change your existing proxy's settings.

Watch the Setting up and managing your proxy on IPSA Online webinar.

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