Appeal a claim, or correct an error with our IPSA Online guidance.

For help on correcting claims, before you start, visit Understanding "errors" when creating claims.

Scheme rules

Where IPSA determines either to refuse a claim or to allow only part of the amount claimed, MPs may, within 14 days of IPSA issuing that notification, request IPSA to review its determination.

You can ask for a review of a refused or part-refused claim if you believe :

  • the rules have been applied incorrectly

  • an administrative error has been made by IPSA, and/or

  • you have further evidence to support your claim

You have 14 days from being notified of the refusal to use IPSA Online to request such a review. [2.5]

For more information, visit Requesting a claim review and Action a credit note.

Using IPSA Online


When creating claims there are three levels of “errors” you may come across:

Inline errors

These happen when you forget to fill out a mandatory field (those with a red asterisk) and an error message will appear as soon as you click out of a field or when you attempt to submit the claim.

Soft stop errors

These errors happen after you have submitted a claim.

IPSA Online will check your form when it is submitted and will send an alert that something is not quite right (for example, you may have forgotten to add a receipt) – but you can still force through the claim (you may have already sent an invoice for the year).

Soft stops you may encounter include:

  • "Selected budget exceeded"

  • "Lease for a selected address has expired"

  • "Hotel and subsistence limits exceeded"

  • "No receipt attached"

  • "Costs older than 90 days"

Hard stop errors

Like soft stops, these happen when you have submitted a claim.

These errors must be corrected before you can resubmit the claim (for example, travelling on the wrong journey type).

Hard stops you may encounter include:

  • "Not valid – train fare limit exceeded" – this means you are trying to claim more than the anytime standard fare. You must reduce the amount claimed to the anytime standard fare to submit your claim.

  • "Budget type – person-type correction" – this means you are attempting to claim from a budget you aren't allowed to claim from (for example, a staff member who is attempting to claim a cost allocated to the Accommodation budget). You must amend this to submit your claim.

  • "Budget type – address-type correction" – this means you have added the wrong address associated with that budget (for example, choosing the office address for an Accommodation cost). This must be amended before submitting your claim.

  • "Person – travel reason correction" – this means you have selected an incorrect journey type for your travel. You must amend this to submit your claim.

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