How to join a screen-sharing session

Some queries are best resolved by showing instead of telling.

An account manager can set up a screen-sharing session while on the phone with you.

This will allow them to remotely access your screen in real-time.

You can follow this step-by-step guide to help you set up the call.

Please remember, for security reasons, we will ask for your name and resource ID (this is the six-digit number which can be found in the top right-hand corner of your IPSA Online account) at the start of every call.

Having your ID and any relevant claim/form numbers to hand will ensure a more seamless experience

Step 1: Type “” into your browser's search bar.

Screensharing SS 01

Step 2: Enter the nine-digit support key that the Account Manager you are speaking to provides you with.

Screensharing SS 02

Step 3: Enter your name and select “Join”.

Screensharing SS 03

Step 4: Select “Accept”.

Screensharing SS 04

Step 5: Select “Share” at the bottom of your screen.

Screensharing SS 05

Step 6: When this pop-up appears choose “Entire screen”.

If you are using two screens, you must choose the screen you would like to share.

Then select “share.

Screensharing SS 06