Constituent communications and campaigning – joint notice from IPSA and the Electoral Commission

Published: 09 May 2024

As we approach the General Election, you may be focussing on how best to communicate with your constituents or prospective voters.

The Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority and the Electoral Commission are two of the bodies responsible for regulating MPs and candidates, respectively.

We have published some essential information about distinguishing between communicating with your constituents as part of your parliamentary duties, and campaigning.

It is important to remember that IPSA funding cannot be used to support campaigning – either on your behalf if you are standing as a candidate at the election – to promote your party or other candidates, or against a party or other candidates.

If you want to communicate with your constituents to promote your candidacy or your party, or to campaign against a candidate or a party, then this is election material. You cannot claim for costs associated with producing or distributing such material from IPSA.

For more information, visit Bulletin, 9 May – IPSA and the Electoral Commission – joint notice on communications.