2021-22 final budget positions

Published: 20 June 2022

We have now completed our year end processes including all movements of costs between budgets and years. You can now view the total spend against your budgets for 2021-22 in IPSA Online. You can view your dashboard by selecting Menu > Information pages > 2021-22 Dashboard.

Thank you for your work over the year-end period. We were able to stick to our deadlines and achieve the closure of year end in June, slightly earlier than planned. With your help we hope to complete the process even earlier next year. We would like to hear your feedback on the year-end process. Please complete the short survey below to tell us how it went for you. 

Year-end feedback survey

We will start to contact a small number of MPs who had an overspend for 2021-22 to arrange repayment. If you are concerned about your overspend and haven’t spoken to the team yet, please book a call with your account manager so we can assist you. All overspends need to be repaid in full by 1 November 2022 in order to avoid the overspend being published in our 2021-22 Annual Publication.

We are now preparing our Annual Report and Accounts and readying the data for Annual Publication, both of which will be published later this year.